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Running Goal
SMART Running Goals

Many runners fall into the routine of running for maintenance – running to “stay fit” – but, inevitably, maintaining fitness level often means having to introduce challenges by increasing training load. Think of it as the amount of stress we undertake while preparing for a race. A great resource for understanding adaptation to exercise is […]

Heart Rate Training: The Importance of Resting Heart Rates and Heart Rate Reserve

Heart rate training is one of the easiest things you can do to track your level of fitness, but it can be difficult if you set the wrong target heart rate zones. In order to train more effectively, it’s a good idea to know your resting heart rate so that you can subtract it from your max and calculate your heart rate reserve.

Finish Couch-to-5K
Completing Couch-to-5K

Remember that the best part about Couch-to-5K is that you can always repeat a previous week and move forward only when you feel ready to do so. Here we’ll go over the final stages of the program.

Starting C25k

Everyone comes into C25K with a different level of fitness. Some may even find the first week daunting, while others will breeze through the entire program. Do not be put off by what you think you cannot do. This may be a 9-week program, but if you take it day-by-day you’ll never have a problem.

Couch to 5k (C25k) – the intro

C25K is a good choice for anyone looking for a simple training program that will ease you into the ability to run 3+ miles. It’s best suited for new runners, runners looking to get back into shape after an extended break, and anyone who would like to be able to run for 30+ minutes without rest.