Running Slump – How to Beat Your Runner’s Block

You know how it goes: you go for a running streak, miss a day, next thing you know you’ve missed two weeks. To be fair, it was a pretty big move. Moving Smashrun HQ from NYC to Santiago, Chile in less than a month was not that easy. It’s a miracle I didn’t stop running sooner. 64 days in a row! Ugh. Now the bigger challenge is getting right back to it.

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life because you get out of it what you put into it.” – O.W.

So here’s how I’m going to resolve my “runner’s block”:

Today is day 1 – knock out a quick run. Tomorrow I’m signing up for a race (any race). This week, I’ll start or join a running group. In two weeks, settle into a running pattern – the goal is consistency. I’ll take it easy – not every run has to be a hard run.

I also spent a little time looking up what other runners have done in the past to deal with their runner’s block and here’s a short list of what I’ve found:

  1. Run in comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing (UNC: “How I beat Runner’s Block“)
  2. Remember: exercise releases endorphins, which gives a feeling of euphoria (Serendip: “The Effects of Exercise on the Brain“)
  3. Vary your running routes (Lorn Pearson Trains: “Running in the Dark“)
  4. Set goals (Examiner: “Prevent Runner’s Block“)
  5. Start slow to get your groove back, after a long break (Runner’s World: “Back in the Groove“)

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